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Cribbing & Vice Products

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  1.  Miracle Collar Fleece Cover

    Miracle Collar Fleece Cover


    • A perfect addition to your medium or large Miracle Collar!
    • These washable maize fleece browband and jowl covers provide extra cushioning and protection.
    • The browband cover simply slips over the Miracle Collar’s browband and the jowl covers attach with self-gripping closures.
    • Each package contains one fleece browband cover and a pair of jowl covers.
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  2. Bar Muzzle

    Bar Muzzle


    Sturdy, vinyl-coated steel wire has soft fleece padding for horses comfort. Learn More
  3. Chew Stop 64oz

    Chew Stop 64oz


    • Hot cinnamon taste helps stop wood chewing habits in horses
    • Spray, paint, roll or brush on surfaces where horses chew, such as fences, corrals, stalls, mangers, gates, posts and tree bark
    • Keeps horses from chewing blankets and bandages
    • Clear liquid won't stain white fences or discolor other painted surfaces
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  4. Chew Stop Spray 12.5oz.

    Chew Stop Spray 12.5oz.


    Chew Stop is formulated for application to wood fences and other surfaces to break horses of the wood-chewing habit. Learn More
  5. Dare Cribbing Control Collar

    Dare Cribbing Control Collar


    • Designed by Professional Horseman Rusty Dare
    • Does not need to be tightened as much as other collars
    • Can be fastened from either side of the horse with stainless buckles
    • Unique patent pending design keeps collar in place with a single strap
    • Controls even the worst cribbers
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  6. French Style Crib Strap

    French Style Crib Strap


    Heavy Leather French Crib strap with brass hardware. Learn More
  7. Grill Muzzle

    Grill Muzzle


    Constructed of aluminum and nylon with padded nose area. Learn More
  8. Kicking Chains

    Kicking Chains


    Made with heavy nylon with neoprene covering for extra comfort. Sold in pairs. Learn More
  9. Leather Nutcracker Cribbing Strap

    Leather Nutcracker Cribbing Strap


    • Made in USA
    • Nutcracker style
    • Supple leather
    • Adjustable neck
    • Chestnut or black
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  10. Miracle Collar

    Miracle Collar


    • The leather connector strap helps keep browband in place and ensures that the collar will not slide around or off and become ineffective.
    • Carefully handcrafted from high-quality, weather-resistant russet or havana harness leather for strength and gentleness to the hair coat.
    • Optional browband and jowl fleece covers available for added cushioning and comfort to the horse.
    • Eliminates the need and expense of other anti-cribbing products like paints, sprays and straps.
    • Comes in a nice Russet Color
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Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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